Brazilian Film Night

International Institute of Social Studies
Start date

Friday, 22 Nov 2019, 18:00

End date

Friday, 22 Nov 2019, 19:30

Aula A
International Institute of Social Studies

On 22 November, the International Institute of Social Studies is hosting a Brazil Film Night followed by a debate on current Brazilian realities

Organized by Associate Professor Dr Lee Pegler, the Brazil Film Night will show 2 films selected with Brazilian filmmaker and activist, Marisa Aragão.

The selected films highlight the situation of traditional peoples in Amazon and responses to 'development pressures'.

  • MANÃ BAI: The Story of My Father

    Manã Bai: The Story of My Father

    Yube Hanuikuin | 2006 | Brazil | 14’

    Pioneer among the indigenous teachers in Acre, in the Amazon Forest, Joaquim Paulo de Lima Kaxinawá was schooled in the language of white people by his rubber tapper bosses. However, he never gave up on the idea of learning a preserving the language and the traditions of his people, located in the Brazilian North region.

    Supported by Marlin Azul Institute


    Tapajó’s Life

    Protocolos de Consulta no Tapajós: Experiências Ribeirinhas e Quilombolas

    Carlos Bandeira Jr.| 2018 | Brazil | 20’

    This documentary shows how the communities from the West area of Pará, one of the States in which the Amazon Forest is located, organized themselves in order to fight recent threats to their territories. The protocols were created collectively and became an essential tool for resisting huge enterprises that run over the rights of the native residents.

    Supported by Terra de Direitos Organization

About Marisa Aragão

Marisa Aragão, graduated in Cinema from UFF (RJ), postgraduate at UCAM (RJ) with thesis on 'Soundtrack in Cinema', collaborated in several Film Exhibition Cycles at Cine Arte UFF. As a producer she worked at Brazilian State Film Company - EMBRAFILME and at Ibero-American Film and Video Festival’s – CINESUL (BR). In the Netherlands, since 2016, she is a active member of the Amsterdam Collective for Democracy in Brazil. As a member of the Citizens Council of the Netherlands collaborated at the music area, producing, promoting and publicizing cultural events. She is also a contributor to preproduction, curated and presentation of the Screening Brazil first edition, in 2018, like this year.