ISS PhD Alumni Association

Building a community of ISS PhD graduates

The ISS PhD Alumni Association (IPAA) builds its community through discussion platforms, conferences, news sharing, blogs, newsletters and on/-offline events to connect, exchange and collaborate, and to revive memories and relationships with each other, supervisors, etc.

The group of over 220 PhD alumni stands out as these alumni have often engaged for longer periods with the institute. As such they have a strong link with the ISS and its research.

IPAA Terms of Reference

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To join IPAA, please complete the form below and return it to Dita Dirks or

IPAA on LinkedIn

There is also the ISS PhD Alumni Association LinkedIn group for all ISS PhD alumni, all ISS current PhD researchers and ISS academic staff.

This forum is meant to connect, exchange and network with each other.

Foundation Student Support Fund

SSH provides financial assistance (sometimes substantial, sometimes small; sometimes in the form of a gift, sometimes in the form of a loan) to ISS students and PhD researchers in need thus enabling them to continue and complete their studies.

How you can help

You will remember your own trials and tribulations at ISS, hopefully with joy. Consider supporting those who are in need so that they too can complete their studies at ISS.

We call on the ISS PhD alumni to join those who support us by donating to the fund.

International opportunities with our PhD degree 

IPAA Task Force

The IPAA Task Force is a think tank for generating and discussing ideas and ways forward. Its members are PhD alumni, a current PhD researcher. It is chaired by the Deputy rector of Research Affairs and administered by the PhD alumni coordinator.

IPAA Task Force members

  • Professor Arjun Bedi (Deputy Rector Research  Affairs, Chair IPAA Task Force)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'I think of IPAA as a forum to connect, inspire and motivate. To connect and reconnect our PhD alumni with ISS and with the current crop of PhD researchers. For our PhD alumni and ISS to mutually inspire and rejuvenate each other through conversations, ideas, experiences and stories.'

  • Sanghamitra Chakravarty (Current PhD researcher at ISS)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'To contribute towards enabling the current PhD researchers at ISS to benefit from the alumna network for advancement of their research and career.'

  • Dr Donald Mmari (PhD alumnus, Executive Director REPOA, Tanzania)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'To broaden network for knowledge exchange, information sharing and future collaborations.'

  • Dr Shyami Puvimanasinghe (ISS alumna, Human Rights Officer, UNHCR, Geneva, Switzerland)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'To support the ISS mission through connecting and reconnecting ISS PhD alumni, PhD researchers and beyond, contributing to professional and personal growth; to enhance collaboration, partnerships and networks on development studies and practice; and to nurture mutually reinforcing exchanges between the ISS/EUR PhDs and the global development community.'

  • Dr Mathew Kurian (ISS alumnus, Assistant Research Professor Water-Energy-Food Nexus at Pennsylvania State University, USA)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'To be of service to ensure that current PhD students can benefit from the international network of alumni whose development expertise can help advance their careers through the sharing of insights and experience about development trends both regionally and internationally.'

  • Dr Holly Ritchie (ISS alumna, Independent consultant)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'To facilitate connections and exchange between ISS PhD Alumni for personal networking and professional development; to promote academic/non-academic research exchange and collaboration; to spearhead a mentoring scheme between PhD alumni and current PhD candidates (to support doctoral study and post PhD options).'

  • Professor Mallika Pinnawala (ISS alumna, Professor in Sociology and Director of the Centre for Distance and Continuing Education, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)

    Aspirations for IPAA - 'To promote research activity in global level between academics  as well as non academics who interest for research. To make a strong  bridge between current PhD students in ISS  and PhD alumni. To establish country-wide ISS alumni.'

  • Dita Dirks (IPAA secretary)

    Aspirations for IPAA: 'To (re)connect the PhD alumni with ISS/EUR and lay the basis for a lifetime bond between the PhD alumni, the ISS and its global mission.'

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