The Palgrave Handbook of Development Economics

International Institute of Social Studies
Start date

Thursday, 14 Nov 2019, 15:30

End date

Thursday, 14 Nov 2019, 17:30

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On 14 November 2019, the International Institute of Social Studies will host the launch of The Palgrave Handbook of Development Economics: Critical Reflections on Globalisation and Development

Applying a critical and pluralistic approach, the chapters in this Handbook examine economics of development paths under globalization, focusing on sustainable development in social, environmental, institutional and political economy dimensions.

It aims at advancing the frontier of development economics in these key aspects and generating more refined policy perspectives. It is critically reflective in examining effects of globalization on development paths to date, and in terms of methodological and analytical approaches, as well as forward-thinking in policy perspectives with a view to laying a foundation for sustainable development.


15.30  Welcome, Introduction: Arjun Bedi, Chair and  Deputy Rector Research ISS

15.35  Overview of the Handbook : Machiko Nissanke, Editor and SOAS

16.05 Questions from public

Three contributors to the Handbook:

16.15 Development Economics and Public Economics: Emerging Analytical Interface and Practical Policy Implications: Valpy FitzGerald, Oxford Univeristy and former ISS

16.30 Labour Institutions and Development Under Globalization: Servaas Storm, Delft University and Board Member ISS Journal Development and Change

16.45 Income Inequality in Developing Countries, Past and Present: Rolph van der Hoeven ISS

17.00 Comments: Mansoob Murshed, ISS

17.15 General Discussion

17.30 Closure, followed by drinks in the Butterfly Bar