The past in the present: Segregation and relational peacebuilding in Ambon, Indonesia

Research in Progress seminar by Tamara Soukotta
PhD student

Tamara Soukotta

Thursday 8 Dec 2022, 13:00 - 14:00
Spoken Language
Room 4.39
International Institute of Social Studies
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If you would like to attend the seminar via Zoom, please send an email to Tamara Soukotta who will send you the link.

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Ambon, Indonesia

In this seminar Tamara Soukotta presents her study on segregation and the peace processes in Ambon in the aftermath of the 1999-2004 wars.

She takes a closer look at religious segregation as one of the key elements that laid the ground for the recent wars and in turn reinforced by it.

Using a decolonial lens she argues that a study of segregation must be positioned in an understanding of the modernity/coloniality projects at different stages of Ambon's history, spanning from European colonial times to the present day Indonesian (post)colonial politics. This will shed light onto the plural experiences of being Muslim and being Christian in Ambon.

She looks specifically at the peacebuilding initiatives that navigated the inherited segregation while aiming to restore peaceful coexistence after the devastating wars.

Soukotta's research is based on extensive fieldwork in Ambon and, consistent with its (feminist) decolonial lens, draws on an approach that includes personal-bodily experience of wars, visits to Ambon, encounters with fellow Malukans during and beyond those visits, conversations, both formal and informal, as well as dialogues with literature(s).


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The Research in Progress seminars are intended to provide an informal venue for presentations of ongoing research by ISS scholars and other scholars from the wider development studies community.

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