PhD defence by Britta Holzberg

Decent work in textiles and garment production: Analysing the formation of glo-cal perspectives and practices in Egypt and Jordan
PhD student
Britta Holzberg
Tuesday 11 Oct 2022, 16:00 - 18:00
PhD defence
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International Institute of Social Studies
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Britta Holzberg

On 11 October 2022, Britta Holzberg will defend her PhD thesis focusing on the actor in global production networks that stands where the glo-cal influences interact – the local supplier

Referring to Social Development Goal 8 - Decent work for all - she argues that despite efforts by the global textile and garment to achieve this, indecent work realities persist, especially in textiles and garment supplier firms in the Global South.

Previous research showed that a multitude of global and local (glo-cal) influences shape work realities on the factory floor. To better understand the complex problem of ensuring decent work in global garment production, this dissertation, therefore, focuses on the actor in global production networks that stands where the glo-cal influences interact – the local supplier.

Her thesis was guided by three research questions: 

  1. How do glo-cal influences crossverge at the point of the supplier and motivate (in)decent work outcomes in the global garment production network?
  2. How do crossvergence dynamics diffuse across different horizontal nodes and vertical stages of the global garment production network?
  3. How do owners-managers of garment supplier firms frame their decent work perspectives?

She answers these questions in a series of papers investigating the formation of glocal perspectives and decent work practices in the textiles and the garment industries in Egypt and the garment industry in Jordan.

Watch Britta's PhD defence live

PhD defence Britta Holzberg

PhD defence Britta Holzberg

Doctoral Board


Professor Inge Hutter

Doctoral dissertation supervisors

Professor Uta Wilkens, Ruhr University Bochum
Professor Peter Knorringa, ISS

Full Doctoral Committee

Professor Peter Lund-Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School
Dr Shamel Azmeh, University of Manchester
Professor Meike Tilebein, University of Stuttgart
Professor Eva Gerharz, Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Professor Irene van Staveren, ISS
Professor Wil Hout, ISS

More information

The ceremony will begin promptly at 16.00 hrs in the Aula of the ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague. The doors will be closed after the start of the Public Defence, but will be briefly opened after the candidate’s introduction to allow latecomers to enter.

Children under 7 years old are not allowed in the Aula during the first part of the ceremony.

Professors are invited to join the academic procession.

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