'Racism and cultural cloning in higher education'

Antioch University
Professor of Critical Race, Gender and Leadership Studies
International Institute of Social Studies
Start date

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019, 16:00

End date

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019, 18:00

Aula B
International Institute of Social Studies
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Professor Philomena Essed

On 23 January, Professor Philomena Essed will give a lecture on 'Racism and cultural cloning in higher education - Debating discrimination in Dutch academia: Experiences and contestations beyond diversity'

About the seminar


Over the past two decades the idea of ‘race-ethnicity’ in context, that is, related to other factors including gender and class, has entered the realm of mainstream thinking. Most notably, the notion of intersectionality has been embraced to facilitate thinking beyond race only.

Cultural cloning

This presentation takes another direction, exploring cultural cloning as a comprehensive and complex approach to the problem of social exclusion and structural inequality. In this seminar, Philomena Essed will apply cultural cloning to the context of Higher Education and ask: what can we learn in terms of creating alternatives?

More information

Debating Discrimination in Dutch Academia: Experiences and Contestations Beyond Diversity is a seminar series, which aims to start a serious and constructive discussion on discrimination and racism in Dutch academia.

This series seeks to address, among other issues, the role of academic institutions in reproducing colonial stereotypes and racism in society, the varied forms of overt and covert discrimination and racism within academic institutions, and alternatives and contestations within and outside academic institutions. 

This seminar is hosted by the ISS PhD Community and the ISS Inclusion and Diversity Team “Hosting World Together”.