Health Systems Financing, Management & Governance

Good evidence on health care financing interventions that aim to extend coverage of health care services and ensure that effective medical care can be accessed without threatening household financial security can quicken the pace of progress toward Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Prof. dr. Eddy van Doorslaer has lead several large projects evaluating policies with these goals in a range of Asian and African countries (see also Impact Evaluation).

Research on health services management & organisation covers the full width of the health care sector, from hospital care to child welfare. To a large extent, research is carried out in or close to the primary process. Examples of recent projects include the evaluation of disease management programmes, research into care pathways, patient safety and ICT in health care.

No sustainable health systems development can occur without good governance. RGHI partners have an outstanding track record regarding specialized research on science-policy-practice relations in healthcare settings. Both at ISS and ESHPM, governance research is well established. Prof. Wil Hout (ISS) is actively engaged in researching the governance landscape surrounding key international development agencies and institutions such as the UN agencies. At ESHPM, Prof. dr. Roland Bal, with researchers such as Maarten Kok study processes of ‘building governance’ and deliberative democracy, using mixed methodologies and participatory action research strategies.

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