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New publication on public accountability in development
The state of accountability in the global south - cover

In their book The state of accountability in the global south: Challenges and responsesDr Sylvia Bergh, Dr C. Sathyamala and Professor Sony Pellissery investigate public accountability in the global south.

The book establishes the pathways to and outcomes of accountability in a development context, and investigates the ways in which people can seek redress and hold their public officials to account.

It consists of 13 chapters and is divided into two main parts: the first part discusses experiences with Social Accountability Initiatives in India, Egypt, Kenya, and Latin America (among others), while the second part deals with accountability politics from the ‘supply side’, i.e. predominantly government, perspective.  

The editors were particularly concerned to ensure a good balance between contributions from experienced and up-and-coming scholars and practitioners across the globe. Chapters explore questions of how improved accountability relations emerge, under what conditions they can be maintained, and what role civil-society actors, donors, and new ICT tools can and should play in developing countries.

Integrating empirical case studies from Brazil, Egypt, India, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia with a strong theoretical framework on accountability relations, the book delivers a comprehensive analysis of accountability initiatives across the Global South and ultimately reflects on how they contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16.

It includes chapters by current and former ISS colleagues and the editors are particularly excited to have had Dr. Sarah Lister, Head of Governance at UNDP, agree to write the foreword, and the endorsements of professors John Gaventa and Jonathan Fox featured on the book cover.


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The book was made possible with the support of ISS PhD researchers Marina Cadaval Narezo and Amod Shah, ISS research groups Civic Innovation and Governance, Law and Social Justice, the Social Science Collaboration India – the Netherlands (ICSSR-NWO), and the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, among others.

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