(Christina) C Sathyamala

International Institute of Social Studies

Visiting fellow | Academic staff unit
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Benjamin Radley, Juan David Parra Heredia, C Embido Bejeno, Wendy Harcourt, Christina Sathyamala, E Smidt, T Soukotta & Yazid Zahda (2015) - Development (Journal)

News regarding (Christina) C Sathyamala

How does digitalising food assistance influences access to food for marginalized populations?

‘Digitalising food assistance: Political economy, governance, and food security effects across the Global North-South divide’

Accountability in the global south

This new book establishes the pathways to and outcomes of accountability in a development context
The state of accountability in the global south - cover

The politics of injectable contraceptives

Hazardous and life-threatening long-acting injectable contraceptives indicates the resumption of a 'making die' approach to contraceptives.
Birth controlled: Selective reproduction and neoliberal eugenics in South Africa and India

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