Are we in a crisis? Learning from Trump's lawfare endgame

March on Washington, 1963
Source: Library of Congress Archive

It is becoming increasingly clear that the use of lawfare has been Trump’s game plan from the beginning until the end of his administration; accordingly, he is now seeking to bypass the will of the voters and entrench himself in the White House.

A quick scan of the latest news items from around the world reveal claims of a range of nebulous ‘crises’ in the US: a political crisis, a crisis of democracy, a constitutional and potentially post-election crisis, a crisis of bourgeois democracy, and even a crisis of the American Dream

In this post, Dr Jeff Handmaker argues simplistic descriptions of ‘crises’ without a deeper examination of the root causes won’t help us understand what is transpiring and suggests that the illegitimate misuse of the legal system in the US through the use of lawfare is underpinning many of these ‘crises’.

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