Distinction for PhD graduate Sergio Coronado

For his research into struggles over land in Colombia
PhD defence Sergio Coronado - peasant protest cartoon
PhD defence Sergio Coronado

Sergio Andrés Coronado Delgado was awarded a Cum Laude distinction for his outstanding PhD thesis on 'Peasants, Protests and Litigation: Struggles over land and institutions in Colombia'

His thesis examined the historical trajectories and the current implications of changes in allocation of property rights over public lands in Colombia.

In his thesis, he asked how and to what extent peasant agency impacts agrarian institutions and what are its implications on disputes over land and resource grabbing in the 21st century. He demonstrated that the outcomes of the recent legal debates about the rules for allocation of property rights over public lands hinge upon the historical trajectories of peasant mobilization in Colombia, particularly as observed through the interaction between social and state actors.

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PhD defence Sergio Coronado

PhD defence Sergio Coronado

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