'Environmental governance amidst the climate crisis'

Special issue newsletter for the International Institute for Asian Studies
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Dr Jojo Nem Singh organized and edited a special issue of the the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) newsletter entitled ‘Environmental Governance amidst the Climate Crisis’

The newsletter tackles the climate crisis as a critical juncture for rethinking environmental governance, delving into various resource management questions, such as the problem with deep-sea mining, state decentralization in Cambodian fisheries, as well as national climate policies in China, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The collection is a starting point for a wider conversation on the minerals-climate crisis-energy transition nexus. The collection of articles in the newsletter should be seen as opening new avenues for us to think about how to find new models of extraction, how to navigate emerging geopolitical challenges and, of course, how multiple energy pathways can be forged that can be just and sustainable.

It includes articles by international scholars including researchers at the International Institute of Social Studies working on the Green Industrial Policy in the Age of Rare Metals (GRIP-ARM) research project.

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Assistant professor

Dr Jojo Nem Singh

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