How disasters affect conflict and conflicts affect disaster responses

30% of disasters related to natural hazards occur in countries affected by conflict. Practitioners and policy makers therefore need to understand the linkages between disaster and conflict and tailor their responses accordingly.

This is the conclusion of the 5-year research project 'When Disaster Meets Conflict, led by Professor Thea Hilhorst at the International Institute of Social Studies. This animation gives an overview of the projects and presents some key findings.

When disaster meets conflict (Discord) animation

About the project

When disaster meets conflict (Discord) studies the nexus between humanitarian aid and disaster governance. It analyses how state, non-state and humanitarian actors respond to disasters in three conflict settings: low-medium, high, and post-conflict.

The project aims to learn about the challenges, experiences, best practices and success factors for aid in each of the three settings. It also seeks to understand how the politicization of disaster response affects the legitimacy, power and relations between governance actors. The research project comprises 9 country case studies as well as an expert panel with 30 experts (half from the Global South).

When disaster meets conflict is funded as part of the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (Vici) scheme (project no. 453/14/013), financed by the NWO (the Dutch Research Council).



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For more information about this project, please contact Professor Thea Hilhorst or one of the other team members:

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