'International investment agreements, human rights and environmental justice'

This article focuses on the Texaco/Chevron lawsuit, a prominent example of the process of judicialization of environmental conflict.

The authors, Lorenzo PellegriniMurat ArselMartí Orta-MartínezCarlos F Mena, investigate the lengthy lengthy judiciary process of the Texaco/Chevron case which started in November 1993 and is still being litigated in 2020.

The Ecuadorian plaintiffs claim that the oil company’s operations generated ruinous impacts on the environment and on the development prospects and health of nearby individuals and communities. The significance of the case goes beyond the specifics of Ecuador and provides further arguments fuelling the protracted legitimacy crisis experienced by International Investment Agreements.

'International Investment Agreements, Human Rights, and Environmental Justice: The Texaco/Chevron Case From the Ecuadorian Amazon' in Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 23, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 455–468

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Dr Lorenzo Pellegrini


Professor Murat Arsel


Martí Orta-Martínez


Professor Carlos F. Mena

Professor of Geography

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