ISS and ENAP to organize short courses in Brazil




ENAP (National School of Public Administration) and ISS is proud to announce the co-organization of three, 3-day short courses in Brasilia, Brazil. The courses will run from 26 March till 6 April 2018.

Each course entails a number of themes and will be presented and moderated by academic lectures from ISS. The three courses draw from the following broad areas of our teaching/research:

  1. General Course themes
  2. Local Development
  3. Public Policy

ISS staff to deliver and moderate the courses are:

  • Lee Pegler – General Course - globalization: Global Value Chains and social inclusion
  • Georgina Gomez - Local Development / General Course: development theory
  • Sunil Tankha - Public Policy

Each course is expected to have at least 30-40 participants from the Brazilian public sector.

In addition, ISS has invited a current PhD student, Jacqueline Tobar, and an ISS PhD alumni from Brazil, Juscelino Bezzera (now UNB) to also take part in the programme, thus demonstrating our breadth of involvement in Latin America and commitment to emerging talent.

In the future, ISS hopes to host regular Brazilian public sector participants, via ENAP, to take part in the ISS MA in Development Studies, as part of their training and promotional trajectory.

More information

ENAP’s role is to promote, coordinate and certify public sector training in Brazil.

Provocative key note evening sessions will also be given by Tankha (The Privatisation Debate) and Bezzera (Supermarkets and Certification for Global Sustainability) as additional components of the courses and MoU between the institutions.