ISS and FHR Lim A Po Institute co-responsible for MA in Public Administration in Governance

Suriname's National Accreditation Body (NOVA) has recognized joint responsibility for the Master in Public Administration by the International Institute of Social Studies and the FHR Institute for Higher Education in Suriname.

The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) has offered the Master in Public Administration in Governance (MPA) in Suriname in collaboration with the FHR Institute for Higher Education since 2005. Close to 250 students have graduated from the programme.

The programme was formally accredited by Suriname's National Accreditation Body (NOVA) in 2018, in addition to the pre-existing accreditation by the the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA). Recently NOVA clarified that its 2018 accreditation extends to the ISS as well, and thus that the MPA-programme is delivered in partnership between ISS and FHR.

Professor Wil Hout is the convenor of the MPA programme.

The leaders of tomorrow

Over the years the MPA programme has had an impressive student body and many alumni now hold important functions in influential bodies contributing to the governance of Suriname. Current examples include:

  • Nensy Bandhoe (MPA 2): Executive Director Lobi Foundation (NGO focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights)                                    
  • Melvin Bouva (MPA 5): Member of Parliament, National Assembly  
  • Thelma Douglas-Pinas (MPA 5): Director, Ministry of National Resources
  • Nasier Eskak (MPA 7): Director, Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Patricia Etnel (MPA 3): Member of Parliament, National Assembly
  • Chermain Felter (MPA 1): Chairperson, Audit Office Suriname (Rekenkamer van Suriname)
  • Mitchell Labadi (MPA 3): Executive Director, Center for Strategic Defense Studies
  • Bob Mangal  (MPA 8): Chief of Staff, Ministry of Defense
  • Krishna Mathoera (MPA 4): Minister of Defense
  • William Orie (MPA 1): Director Monetary and Economic Affairs, Central Bank Suriname
  • Lea Hynes-Parris (MPA 8): Inspector-General, Ministry of Defense
  • Malti Sardjoe (MPA 2): Head Covid Crisis Team
  • Fayaz Sharman (MPA 5): Deputy Director, Office of the President
  • Rita Tjien Fooh (MPA 2): Director, National Archives of Suriname
1st MPA batch celebrating their graduation
More information

The MPA in Governance programme educates professionals in public administration in order to make them more competent in the context of a society faced with increasing challenges, to enhance the quality of governance for the public good.