The Journal of Peasant Studies top in 'development' and 'anthropology' fields

The latest Journal Citation Report (JCR), which tracks the citations in 2018 for articles published in 2016 and 2017, has measured The Journal of Peasant Studies (JPS) Impact Factor at 4.754, putting the journal in first place in the 'Development Studies' and 'Anthropology' categories.

JPS has remained at the top of the JCR list for many years. This can be seen as a reflection of the growing sub-field of critical agrarian studies in the tradition of scholar-activism/engaged research and a reflection of a trend of a growing number of younger researchers who are excited about critical agrarian studies.

Edited by ISS professor, Jun Borras, many of the highly cited articles in JPS in recent years were written by PhD researchers, many of whom are conducting their studies at ISS.

More information

The Journal of Peasant Studies is a leading journal in the field of rural politics and development. It provokes and promotes critical thinking about social structures, institutions, actors and processes of change in and in relation to the rural world. It fosters inquiry into how agrarian power relations between classes and other social groups are created, understood, contested and transformed. 

JPS pays special attention to questions of ‘agency’ of marginalized groups in agrarian societies, particularly their autonomy and capacity to interpret – and change – their conditions.