Karin Astrid Siegmann teaches short course on 'Gender at work in development'

Piloting cross-cultural learning through virtual exchange
Gender at Work in Development course participants - Vienna, October 2023
Karin Astrid Siegmann

Associate Professor at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann gave a one-week instensive course on 'Gender at work in development'. The course pilots cross-cultural learning through virtual exchange.

The intensive one-week course on 'Gender at work in development' concluded with a ‘harvest’ of learnings that participants had crowdsourced on an online wiki.

Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann taught the course at the University of Vienna’s Department of Development Studies as part of a visiting professorship.

One of the participants summarized her learning experience: 'The course exposed me to how gender structures work in different parts of the world. I actually got more than what I expected. Not only did I learn about top-down policies that shape gender justice in work and employment, but also about how groups of workers advocate for change bottom-up!'

Learning through virtual exchange

The course was also an experiment in learning through virtual exchange between Asia and Europe. The classroom in Vienna brought together participants from various parts of Europe and the United States. In addition, MPhil students in Gender Studies from the ISS partner institute Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies (CEGS) at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad participated via zoom.

This virtual exchange sought to make the ways in which different cultural contexts mould how gender shapes the world of work more tangible. 'The hybrid experience was cool!', commented a participant in Vienna who used the zoom connection while at home with a cold. 'But next time, please put a better mic in the centre of the room!'

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