Lecture by Farhad Mukhtarov on the scramble for new water-related markets

Farhad Mukhtarov delives his lecture online

On 29 August, Dr Farhad Mukhtrov gave a lecture at the European Forum Alpbach on 'The Rise of Global Hydro-hubs in the Times of Climate Crisis'.

In his lecture he discussed the on-going scramble for new water-related markets among major world powers and implications of fierce competition for such markets.

With climate change effects on the rise and water governance remaining poor in many areas, the demand for water management and governance expertise is on the rise in Global South and Global North alike. This demand offers great business opportunities for engineering/research/consulting organisations around the world.

Countries such as US, UK, the Netherlands, China, Singapore and France seek to be seen as Global Hydro-hubs.

He argued that branding hydro-hubs (nations and/or cities that brand themselves as centers of excellence in water engineering, management and governance) is a timely and important subject for understanding global water governance

The lecture was followed by an online discussion between participants.

Read a report of his lecture.

About Farhad Mukhtarov

Farhad Mukhtarov is Assistant Professor of Governance and Public Policy at International Institute of Social Sciences



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