Mind the Queer Gap: Bisexual invisibility in the women, peace and security agenda

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In the post on ISS blog, BlISS, Isabella Cordua considers how Bisexual invisibility in general has contributed to a lack of attention paid to Bisexual people in conflict

In her post, Cordua calls for more focus to be placed on LGBTQI+ people, and Bisexual people in particular in the women, peace and security agenda.

She argues that despite continuing violence, discrimination and marginalization of the LGBTQI+ community, there is a significant lack of efforts targetted at addressing this, especially during conflict.

Read the post - 'Mind the Queer Gap: Bisexual invisibility in the women, peace and security agenda'. BlISS 23 January 2024

Isabella Cordua
Rotary Peace Fellow at the University of Queensland More about Isabella Cordua
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