Palestinian Human Rights Defenders need protection: what can we do?

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By Jeff Handmaker, Christian Henderson, and Marthe Heringa

On 19 October 2021, the government of Israel issued a military order that designated six, renowned and award-winning Palestinian human rights groups as “terrorist organisations”. The reason for this military order, and the evidence for making such designations, have not been disclosed. This is the latest of Israel’s longstanding efforts to undermine the work of these organisations. It also seems clear that this action is intended to intimidate donors and supporters of these organisations.

Read the full blogpost: "Palestinian Human Rights Defenders need protection: what can we do?"


Jeff Handmaker


Christian Henderson

Christian Henderson is Assistant Professor of International Relations of the Middle East at Leiden University. Both are supporters of Dutch Scholars for Palestine.


Marthe Heringa

Marthe Heringa is a student at Leiden University and an organiser of Students for Palestine.

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