Perspectives on land-grabbing, feminicide and epistemicide by women of colour

Rosalba Icaza and Xochitl Leyva have recently published the edited book 'En tiempos de Muerte: cuerpos, rebeldias, resistencias' which brings together for the first time a group of well-known feminist indigenous, Afro-descendants academics/researchers and activists from Latin America and the Caribbean, the US, the Netherlands and Germany.

In En tiempos de Muerte converge approaches, research findings, and perspectives on pressing issues such as land grabbing, feminicide and epistemicide generated by women of colour and non-binary people that often remain at the margins of academia and politics.

The book (in Spanish) is the outcome of a three-year process of collaborative research and publishing practices hosted by the Transnational Network Other Knowledges (RETOS) and the Working Group 'Cuerpos Territorios y Resistencia' of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences.

Download the full pdf manuscript free of charge at from the Clasco website


The contributors include: Betty Ruth Lozano Lerma. Rita Laura Segato. Irma Alicia Velásquez Nimatuj. Lorena Cabnal. Moira Millán. Emma Delfina Chirix García. Gloria Wekker. Andil Gosine. Virginia Vargas. Wendy Harcourt. Daniel B. Coleman. Batallones Femeninos. Loba Franca. Gisela Arandia. Valentín Val. Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso. Aura Cumes. Paulina Trejo Méndez. Olivera, Itandehui Olivera, Itandehui. Patricia Botero. Teresa María Díaz Nerio. Ijeoma Umebinyuo. Camila Pascal. Isabel Tello. Sofía Carballo.

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