The recent upsurge of violence in Israel and Palestine signifies a 'prelude to genocide'. How could this happen?

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The tragedy that has been continually unfolding in Palestine for the past 75 years recently took a dramatic turn when Palestinian armed groups broke through the steel gates closing off Gaza and entered Israel on 7 October 2023.

While the details of what occurred are gruesome, but also very unclear, their actions led to a further escalation by Israel, with senior figures in the Israeli government vowing revenge in terms that are tantamount to an incitement to commit genocide.

The massive loss of human life and deliberate targeting of civilians has been accompanied by feelings of incredulity. People are asking: How could this happen?

In this post on ISS blog, BlISS, human rights and legal mobilization scholar Dr Jeff Handmaker provides some context.

He argues that rather than simply asking how this could happen and extending unconditional diplomatic support and military aid to Israel, observers of this carnage should also ask themselves how the carnage can be stopped. The answer is certainly not to commit further atrocities.

Read the full blog post - 'The recent upsurge of violence in Israel and Palestine signifies a "prelude to genocideā€. How could this happen?' Jeff Handmaker, 12 October 2023

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