Reconstructing the concept and practice of development

On 25 March 2020, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) approved the COST Action CA19129 - Decolonising Development.

Proposal was a collaborative effort led by Professor Aram Ziai and Julia Schoneberg from the Department for Development and Postcolonial Studies, University of Kassel in Germany. 

For the International Institute of Social Studies, Professor Wendy Harcourt and Dr Rosalba Icaza will be joining this COST Action in the Decolonising Development Research and Decolonising Development Teaching Working Groups.

About this COST Action

The COST Action Decolonising Development takes on the challenge to reconstruct the concept and practice of development after its deconstruction.

It aims for a resetting and diversification of the actors, structures, institutions and spaces in which knowledge about and for development is produced, shared, contested and put into practice.

The Action will progress beyond the state-of-the-art through exploring and formulating alternatives in three areas: Research, Teaching and Practice. 

The Network of Proposers includes scholars from 12 COST member countries, including 6 ITC (Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary), with a particular focus on Eastern Europe. 

What is COST Action?

COST Action is a network dedicated to scientific collaboration, complementing national research funds. COST Actions are:

  • open to researchers and innovators
  • collaborating in a field of science and technology of common interest to at least seven COST Members/Cooperating Members
  • based on a joint work programme lasting four years
  • answering to the COST Open Call for proposals
Professor Aram Ziai
Dr Julie Schoneberg
Associate professor