Research Brief - Towards a research agenda for agrarian degrowth?

A world of stuttering economic growth is frightening for many, but for others the idea of ‘degrowth’ offers an alternative to something worse. Degrowth’s central proposition is that it is possible to realize more equal societies that use fewer resources.

But what could a degrowth economy look like and how could it work and feed its people?

To answer this question, Dr Julien-François Gerber recommends to bridge the field of degrowth with the field of critical agrarian studies (CAS), which looks at capitalist growth in the countryside and how to transition to sustainable and egalitarian alternatives.

Using five thinkers whose ideas underpin both degrowth and CAS, this Research Brief shows how the two fields can complement and learn from each other. It concludes with suggesting a preliminary research agenda for ‘agrarian degrowth’. 

Research Brief - Towards a research agenda for agrarian degrowth? 


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Dr Julien-François Gerber

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Julien-François Gerber (2020) ‘Degrowth and critical agrarian studies’ The Journal of Peasant Studies, 47:2, 235-264. DOI:10.1080/03066150.2019.1695601