Rosalba Icaza Visiting Professor at University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Rosalba Icaza

Dr Rosalba Icaza, Associate Professor of Global Politics, Gender and Diversity has been awarded a prestigious Visiting Professorship fellowship of the Department of Business and Law of the University of Newcastle (November/December 2019).

During her stay, Rosalba will deliver a Keynote at University of Newcastle, Sydney’s Campus on ‘Decolonial Feminisms and the Reimagination of Politics’. She will also deliver a masterclass in Decolonial Methodology for MA/PhDs, including first nations/aboriginal students, in the Newcastle New Space Camus. 

She will give Guest Lecture to present the findings of the 2016 University of Amsterdam's Diversity Commission Research Report; and hold a Public Dialogue with Dr Sara C. Motta on ‘Decolonial Feminisms and the Enfleshment of the Subject of Politics’.

In addition to these activities, Rosalba will work with Dr Motta on research and joint publications  strategy.

Associate professor