'Strengthening alliances in a post-Covid world'

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In this blog post, PhD researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies, Hao Zhang, asks whether the emerging 'green consciousness', brought about partly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, could improve EU-China relations and help these two global powerhouses work together to fight climate change.

She argues that for both China and the EU economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic is a top priority and that both parties are interested in a recovery package that aligns with their green transition goals.

She concludes that there are several areas in which the two power blocks can cooperate to achieve their joint goals:

  • The EU’s experiences could help China transition more rigorously to the use of green energy
  • The EU and China could agree to channel public and private funds to low-carbon investments both at home and abroad
  • The EU and China could also work on developing international standards for sustainable finance
  • China could learn from the EU’s experience in committing to more ambitious climate targets

Read the full post: 'Strengthening alliances in a post-Covid world: green recovery as a new opportunity for EU-China climate cooperation?'

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