Unwanted peoples and boundaries of citizenship struggles

The International Institute of Social Studies and Winnipeg University have organized a webinar series on ‘Unwanted’ Peoples and Boundaries of Citizenship Struggles: Rohingya, Banyamulenge and others'

Seen as non-native, both the Banyamulenge and Rohingya communities are specifically targeted; the questioning of their citizenship is thus a preparation for attack and arguably for genocide.

Both groups are insulted, called ‘scum’ or ‘vermin’. Political hate speech is common, as is the use of social media to incite hatred. Minorities are demonized as if they pose a threat, rather than their vulnerability being acknowledged. 

There are real challenges for both these unwanted communities in getting access to the media, since they are already stigmatized, and they are confronted with real challenges in obtaining sufficient humanitarian assistance, living in tiny areas without any ability to grow or maintain their own food stocks.

The idea of the seminar series is to examine and draw lessons and strategies for demanding rights and prevent further persecution of these two ‘unwanted’ minorities. The aim is to first understand the (dis)similarities between Banyamulenge and Rohingya in terms of their positions, the approach of the two states, and responses of the international community.

Speakers include ISS PhD researcher Delphin Ntanyoma.

Dates and times of sessions

Saturday 26 Sep 2020  - 15.30-17:00 (NL) 8.30-10 (Canada)

Friday 2 Oct 2020 - 15.30-17:00 (NL) 8.30-10 (Canada)

Saturday 10 Oct 2020 - 15.30-17:00 (NL) 8.30-10 (Canada)

Saturday 17 Oct 2020 15.30 - 15.30-17:00 (NL) 8.30-10 (Canada)


Participation is free of charge but we do ask you to register to the sessions you wish to attend