When disaster meets conflict - research with real impact

Mudslide site Sierra Leone. Photo Marloes Vliet

The team working on the When disaster meets conflict research project has produced a series of research briefs, making their findings accessible to a wider audience.

Including Key messages, a brief description of the research and findings, the method and status, the research briefs hope to bring this important research to a wider, non-specialist audience.

There are so far 10 research briefs in total dealing with conflict situations exacerbated by disasters:

1. Disaster Risk Governance in Different Conflict Scenarios
2. Delphi Study - When Disaster Meets Conflict
3. Drought Response in South Sudan
4. Drought Response in Ethiopia
5. Earthquakes in Nepal
6. Disaster Risk Reduction in Afghanistan
7. Cyclone Komen Response in Myanmar
8. Mudslide in Sierra Leone
9. Mocoa mudslide response in Colombia
10. Venezuelan refugees on Curacao