'You don’t become a feminist on a whim'

Deepening ties between ISS and Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies, Islamabad
ISS and CEGS collaboration group picture
Karin Astrid Siegmann speaking at Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies, Islamabad

'I came to know that you don’t usually become a feminist on a whim'. This was the reaction of an MPhil student in Gender Studies to ISS Associate Professor Karin Astrid Siegmann’s recent guest lecture at the Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies (CEGS) at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.

Besides tracing her personal engagement with feminist thought, her lecture on 'Steps and explorations in my feminist journey' reflected on how hierarchies of gender, caste, class and coloniality intersected both in her research on South Asian tea plantations and in the dynamics among the research team.

Deepening ties between ISS and CEGS

The lecture was part of the deepening institutional ties between ISS and CEGS.

Signed in November 2021, the Partnership Agreement between the two institutions aims to catalyse the exchange of ideas, research works, students and faculty members.

Saad Ali Khan, Assistant Professor at CEGS and leader of the course on Feminist Theorizing to which the guest lecture contributed, was a Visiting PhD scholar at ISS in 2018.

Currently, CEGS Lecturer Rabbia Aslam collaborates with ISS Professor Rosalba Icaza and Assistant Professor Sreerekha Sathi in her PhD research on “Gender knowledge in Pakistan”, while her colleague Alia Amirali will give an ISS Development Research Seminar on 'Domestic Workers as Political Subjects Within and Beyond "Work”' in February 2023.

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