Young researchers awarded grants for empirical research into land grabs

Co-financed by ISS' Commodity & land rushes and regimes research project
Commodity & land rushes and regimes (RRUSHES-5) rings (16:9)

Co-financed by the Commodity & land rushes and regimes (RRUSHES-5) research project and the Land Deal Politics Initiative, the grants will support research and writing around old and new themes related to land grabbing, aiming to understand the contemporary dynamics of land and resource ‘grabbing’.


The call for papers resulted in 700 applications for the 27 grants of US$3,000 each. The winners will use the grant to finance their research and produce a paper to be published in early 2024.

Research grant winners 2023-2024

The winning papers will be written by researchers from Asia, Africa and Latin America and cover topics including narco land grabs in Colombia, cancelled land deals in Tanzania, pastoral lifeworlds in Western Himalayas and gender and land grabs in North Sumatra among others.

You can download the full list of grant winners with a description of their proposed research below.

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