dr. (Agustina) A Solera


I investigate processes of dialogue between cultures based on the idea of ‘Knowledge Dialogue'. My approach is sustained on interaction with different cultural groups (popular, rural and indigenous communities) that have ‘other’ routes (mainly experiential and collective action) that are key in the process of critical and epistemological review. Based on tools developed by Critical Epistemologies (specifically Decolonial ones), my research looks into the gnoseological dimension of cultural practices of habitat, with the purpose of recovering historically silenced senses.

International Institute of Social Studies

Researcher | Academic staff unit
Kortenaerkade 12, 's - Gravenhage


  • Agustina Solera (5 April 2022) - What we can learn from women in grassroots environmental justice movements. Notes from "Women in Grassroots environmental justice movements” CSW66 parallel event organized by Pangea Foundation and WEGO-ITN
  • Agustina Solera & Khayaat Fakier (24 March 2022) - Off to a flying start! An interview with Chairholder Dr Khayaat Fakier and Postdoctoral Research Dr Agustina Solera on their vision, ideas and work
  • Agustina Solera (8 February 2022) - Transformative Methodologies | Listening differently, hearing more clearly: a decolonial approach to fostering dialogue between plural knowledges
  • Agustina Solera & Brenda Rodriguez Cortes (10 December 2020) - The feminist struggles in Latin America don't stop during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Research in Progress Seminar series
  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Humanitarian Governance Webinar
  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Decolonising Initiatives Meet-Up (Event)
  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Workshop on inclusive education in higher educational institutions
  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Reunión Red de Investigación Colombia-Países Bajos
  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Open and responsible science: From harm to justice in knowledge production
  • Agustina Solera (2022) - Special CI PHD Seminar
  • Agustina Solera, RV Rolando Vazquez, Khayaat Fakier, Wendy Harcourt & Rosalba Icaza Garza (2022) - Prince Claus Chair Postdoctoral Seminar Series. Building bridges with Latin American critical thought and experience
  • Agustina Solera, Wendy Harcourt & Khayaat Fakier (2022) - WEGO Retreat on Next Steps + Proposal Writing for WEGO+
  • Agustina Solera, Wendy Harcourt & Khayaat Fakier (2022) - Workshop and roundtable: Workshop Wangari-Maathai Women, peace and environment - Pangea/ WEGO/A Sud

4229 Global Political Ecology

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4354 Transitions for Social Justice Lab

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News regarding dr. (Agustina) A Solera

New book sets out current debates in feminist political ecologies

Scholar-activists explore conversations within the evolving field of Feminist Political Ecology in the book 'Contours of Feminist Political Ecology'

Listening differently, hearing more clearly: A decolonial approach to fostering dialogue between plural knowledges

A diversity of languages is used to share and represent knowledge, not all of which can be captured and understood by modern rationality. Read the blog post.
Transformative Methodologies - purple butterfly

COVID-19 | There’s no stopping feminist struggles in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Agustina Solera and Brenda Rodríguez Cortés
International Women's Day march in Amsterdam - Feministas en Hollanda

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