(Mausumi) C Chetia


I work with families facing protracted disaster-displacement in Assam, India. My PhD research is part of the Erasmus Initiative called Vital Cities and Citizens [VCC]. Prior to my current academic research, I have engaged with the development/humanitarian aid field as a practitioner and have also been an arts-based therapy professional. This period of long-term empirical engagement with at-risk communities and observation of policy implementation at ground level, informs my current research.

International Institute of Social Studies

External PhD candidate | ISS PhD
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

News regarding (Mausumi) C Chetia

‘Selfie Survivors’: symptomatic of blatant disaster normalization in India?

Mausumi Chetia makes observations regarding shifting popular cultures in the context of recurring disasters, in the Eleventh Column.

'Disasters, Dilemmas and Decisions: Notes from a monsoon fieldwork in Assam, India'

Blog post by Mausumi Chetia
Stranded animals on islands of submerged paddy fields - Assam, July 2019

Events regarding (Mausumi) C Chetia

The meanings of home and human (in)securities in disater-displacement: The case of Assam, India

In this Research in Progress Seminar, Mausumi Chetia examines the political and psychological (in)securities of communities affected by erosion and flooding
Flood damage - Assam India

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