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  • (Mohsen) M Yazdanpanah

    (Mohsen) M Yazdanpanah

    Money, capitalism, and development ethics My study aims to explore the structural relation between money and capitalism from the standpoint of development…
  • (Benedict) B Yiyugsah

    (Benedict) B Yiyugsah

    Benedict Yiyugsah is working at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam as a PhD Researcher on an ERC-funded…
  • (Yazid) Y Zahda

    (Yazid) Y Zahda

  • (Dena) D Zaki

    (Dena) D Zaki

    My Ph.D. title is "Gender analysis of Intimate Violence among the Egyptian-Dutch- Community in the Netherlands."  "This study contributes to the knowledge…
  • (Zahra) Z Zarepour

    (Zahra) Z Zarepour

    Subsidy and subsidy reforms are controversial policies as subsidies could be described as a pro-poor social security policy or as a mean to protect domestic…
  • (Haris) HA Zargar

    (Haris) HA Zargar

    My study looks at social movements, particularly those rooted in the Muslim revivalist thought, in the context of redistributive agrarian reforms in the…
  • (Hao) H Zhang

    (Hao) H Zhang

    Hao Zhang is a PhD candidate at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Before joining ISS, she was a master’s…
  • (Drumo) D Zhoumaoji

    (Drumo) D Zhoumaoji

    Due to the influence of China’s different economic reforms, Tibetan areas have been experiencing dramatic changes in various aspects in relation to economy…
  • (Fatimah) FZ Zubair

    (Fatimah) FZ Zubair

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