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  • (Kristen) KE Cheney

    (Kristen) KE Cheney

    Dr. Cheney’s research deals with children’s survival strategies amidst difficult circumstances and the politics of humanitarian intervention for such children,…
  • (Mausumi) M Chetia

    (Mausumi) M Chetia

    I work with families facing protracted disaster-displacement in Assam, India. My PhD research is part of the Erasmus Initiative called Vital Cities and Citizens…
  • dr. (Amrita) A Chhachhi

    dr. (Amrita) A Chhachhi

  • dr. (Chia) TP Chia

    dr. (Chia) TP Chia

  • dr. (Admos Osmund) AO Chimhowu

    dr. (Admos Osmund) AO Chimhowu

  • (Monica) MB Coello Pesantez

    (Monica) MB Coello Pesantez

  • (Francesco) F Colin

    (Francesco) F Colin

    Francesco works on civic engagement and active citizenship through local petitions in Morocco. His research expertise revolves around poltical participation,…
  • (Sergio) SA Coronado Delgado

    (Sergio) SA Coronado Delgado

    Sergio Coronado is a PhD candidate at the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands, and at the University of Kassel, Germany…
  • dr. (Luisa) L Cortesi

    dr. (Luisa) L Cortesi

    Luisa Cortesi is an environmental anthropologist who studies water disasters and climate change, environmental knowledge and technologies, environmental justice…
  • (John) JM Cruzatti Constantine

    (John) JM Cruzatti Constantine

    I focus on the use of geo-spatial data to assess, at fine levels of geographic resolution, the impact on development of global economic policies (e.g. aid,…

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