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Since its inception, DevISSues has aimed to promote the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) as a leading centre for Development Studies. It does so by publicizing 'state of the art' high quality information about research and teaching at ISS and by stimulating debate on key and emerging development policy issues.

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Women agriculturalists in Africa

DevISSues May 2024 - Women agriculturalists in Africa

Recurring features

Each issue includes three themed articles on a specific and relevant development issue. Recent themes include the state of democracy in Latin America, economic diplomacy and development, worker-driven change, and diversity.

Another recurring feature is 'Focus on ISS' in which we highlight a specific research project or teaching initiative carried out by ISS faculty and researchers.

Current and past ISS students are also part of ISS and are included in several features - 'Where are they now' in which four alumni tell us about their life after ISS, 'Student life' in which current students share their photographic impression of ISS and The Hague and a 'Staff-student discussion', a conversation between an ISS staff member and student on a development theme.

And every issue includes a message from the Rector, latest ISS news, publications and PhD defences.

In print and online

DevISSues has always been available as a print journal and we will continue to have a hard copy available for anyone who wants it. But since 2018, we also have an online version which includes extra content, links to author profiles and relevant sites, and more photos and videos.

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DevISSues May 2024 - Women agriculturalists in Africa

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Individuals and organizations who are potential future sponsors or participants in research, learning and public debate at ISS such as:

1. Government ministries, embassies, development banks and donor organizations;
2. Private sector and non-governmental organizations and educational and research institutions;
3. Institutions and individuals that have partnerships with ISS;
4. ISS alumni;
5. Prospective students;
6. Current students and staff of ISS and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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