MA track in Migration and Diversity

Are you a strong advocate of ensuring migrants are treated fairly?

Do you think current migration policies can be improved and do you want to help make that happen?

This is your chance to equip yourself for working on current challenges around migration issues and how to manage them.

This MA in Development Studies track is available through cooperation between various faculties and schools in Leiden, Delft and Erasmus universities, including ISS.

Students will take several courses on Governance of Migration and Diversity, from the five participating schools, plus follow other courses and study activities within the ISS MA in Development Studies. They will acquire an ISS MA in Development Studies, with a specialization in migration and diversity.

Students will benefit from an exceptional study experience through mixing with professors and students from four other Netherlands university programmes, in addition to with their ISS professors and fellow-students.

What you will study

Migration and social diversity are key factors in the transformations of national societies and world society today. They play a key role in almost any domain of today’s societies, at many levels and in many types of organization: in education, housing, and labour; in intergovernmental organizations, national governments and regional groupings, and at local and neighbourhood levels of governance. They are addressed too by businesses, research institutes and non-governmental organizations.

Why choose this programme?

  • Courses offered by leading scholars from three universities (Erasmus University Rotterdam (of which ISS is a part), Leiden University and Delft University of Technology) and several faculties;
  • Equip yourself to understand current migration issues and to usefully contribute;
  • Develop professional skills for analysing and responding to situations, going beyond the myths and over-generalizations that are commonplace in daily discussion.

For whom?

This MA track is relevant for people from or aiming to work in local or national governments, community and development organizations, NGOs, universities and the private sector.

Application and details


15.5 months


September 2019 – December 2020

Tuition Fee

17,500 Euros




ISS, Erasmus University, Leiden University & Delft University

Degree receiveMA degree in Development Studies (Migration and Diversity specialization)

Academic requirements

Academic requirements

Application deadline

1 July 2019

How to apply

To apply, please fill in the ISS MA application form:

  • under Programme please select 'Master of Arts in Development Studies';
  • under Specialization please select 'Migration and Diversity' .


88 European Credits (ECTs)

Internship requirements during course

Not required, but interested students may be able to apply

Programme contact

Admission Contact

Programme description

Download the programme description

Teaching members

Didactic approach

This MA track provides state-of-the-art courses and training by expert scholars from several academic disciplines. Classes include discussion of current events related to migration and diversity. The programme also offers various extracurricular activities and seminars such as visits to relevant policy organizations (such as the International Organization for Migration in The Hague), a ‘super diverse’ neighbourhood, and symposia organized with students concerning current developments in relation to migration and diversity.


Students take 30 credits on migration and its implications, consisting of six compulsory 5 credit courses: one course provided by each partner and one provided jointly as a core course:

Core course : Governance of Migration and Diversity 

Five partner-provided courses:

- History of Migration and Diversity (History, Leiden University)
- Politics of Migration and Diversity  (Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
- Sociology of Migration and Diversity  (Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
- Social Inequality in the City, Diversity and Design  (Technical University Delft)
- Migration and Development  (ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

ISS students in this track fulfill their Foundation Courses and Major Courses requirements by doing the above courses. 2. In addition, ISS students will follow: - a general course in Development Theory (8 credits)
- Research Techniques Courses (8 credits)
- an optional course (8 credits)
- additional course on Migration and Development
- one of: (a) an additional Research Techniques Course (4 credits), supplemented by an additional migration-related assignment; (b) an additional 8 credits Option course
- Research Paper: 27 credits

Career opportunities

Graduates will be prepared to move into positions in civil society organizations (e.g. unions, political parties, research institutes), governmental organizations (as policy advisors, policy makers, administrators, lobbyists) and business organizations (e.g. human resources, consultancy), at local, national or international level.

Webinar on the Migration and Diversity MA track

MA in Development track in Migration and Diversity

MA track in Migration and Diversity webinar

Des Gasper 2019

Professor Des Gasper, track leader

'Migration is about flesh-and-blood people, their hopes and fears, triumphs and tragedies, conflict and cooperation; the subject is compelling and fascinating, not only interesting and important. I think you will never regret specializing in this area in your Masters studies. It will be relevant for many types of job and career-path, and for you as a person in the contemporary world.’