Migration and Diversity research theme

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Research at ISS - Migration and Diversity - April 2020

Research at ISS - Migration and Diversity

Highlighted research projects

Societal changes and the decision to migrate - PACES

Making migration and migration policy decisions amidst societal transformations

In this photo, residents of Adama, Ethiopia form a queue at the passport office.

Political engagement of African diaspora

Diasporas driving social and political change in country of residence and origin

Understanding transactional sex in situations of humanitarian crisis

Investigating the practice, consequences and problems of transactional sex

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Migration Seminar Series

Researchers working on Migration and Diversity often hold seminars showcasing their findings. 

Previous seminars in the series

Earlier seminars
11 June 2024Isha TingCrossing borders and connecting stories: Radical media and empowerment
13 December 2023Laura OgdenRe-thinking participation and reciprocal consent with transnationally mobile migrant youth in the age of smartphones
24 October 2023Paula Escribano CastañoDisplacing shepherds: social and geographical (im)mobilities in Catalonia (Spain) during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
14 September 2023Zeynep Ceren and Eren BenlisoyBeing Syrian, refugee and labourer: Refugee-host relations in light of labour processes in rural Mediterranean Turkey
20 June 2023Xander CreedTowards a feminist human security for migration governance
18 April 2023Cristina BuzaMemories, senses and transnationalism. Understanding Moldovan transnational family lives by unpacking the senses of the parcel-sending practice
21 March 2023Simona VezzoliYoung people’s aspirations to stay in northern Brazil
21 Feb 2023Helen HintjensUndocumented people's self-advocacy: Between dreaming and drowning
18 Oct 2022 Mahardhika Sjamsoeoed SadjadIntimations of an ‘Us’ when imagining and encountering the ‘refugee other’ – reactions and responses to refugees’ presence in Indonesia
15 Feb 2022Malika OuachaTo where and to whom do I belong?” The sense of belonging in the performance of cross-border diasporic philanthropy and volunteering
14 Dec 2021Mausumi Chetia“We’re all playing with words, isn’t it? You are and so am I”: The displaced human from policy discourses of riverbank erosion in Assam, India
16 Nov 2021Mahardhika Sjamsoe’oed Sadjad“See, this one. She’s dating refugees”: Borderscapes in rumours of relationships between refugee men and Indonesian women
12 Oct 2021Andrew FischerChinese migration and population shares in Tibet revisited
22 June 2021Otieno Ong’ayo and Kees BiekartTransnational Diaspora Engagement and humanitarian interventions in Refugee Settlements in Northern Uganda
16 Feb 2021Kim Chi TranDriving Forces of Nomadism
15 Dec 2020Karin Astrid Siegmann, Tyler Williams, Julia QuaedvliegPrecarious conditions of migrant workers in Dutch agriculture
17 Nov 2020Cathy WilcockIn the groove and in the moment: reflections on musicking with Kush Collective
13 Oct 2020Roy Huijsmans'We have the movement and the meaning': Making sense of a contemporary Lao dance performed on a Parisian stage

For more information about the Migration Seminar Series, please contact Dr Nanneke Winters or Dr Zeynep Kasli.

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