Seminar by Nita Luci
Research in Progress E+ Seminar

Gendering Energy Efficiency in Kosovo’s Energy Landscape: Women’s work, institutions and the market

International Institute of Social Studies
Start date

Thursday, 4 Oct 2018, 13:00

End date

Thursday, 4 Oct 2018, 14:00

room 3.01
International Institute of Social Studies
Nita Luci, PhD

During this Research in Progress Seminar, Nita Luci will draw on her engagement as an anthropologist and gender consultant in two recent projects in the energy sector in Kosovo. She will describe initiatives in a number of Kosovo's energy institutions, both public and private. Such initiatives are a dominant means of introducing gender equality in policy and institutional relations in political, economic and social formation not only in Kosovo, but globally as well.

As such, these interventions point to the ways in which gender enters political and economic policy, but ones which both reinforce and challenge normative structures of gender and political and economic rights. She will rely on a reflective ethnography regarding what it might mean to occupy multiple positions at the intersection of academic and policy-oriented research, positions which produce both alignments and conflicts along theoretical and methodological lines.

As energy efficiency and renewable energy enter the public domain of discussion throughout the region they also remain areas almost entirely unresearched from a social science perspective. In Kosovo specifically, civil society engagement has focused on electricity prices and only some sporadic concern with health and environmental concerns.

About the speaker

Nita Luci (PhD University of Michigan, Anthropology) is a lecturer at the Department of Anthropology and the Conceptual Art Program, University of Prishtina.

Her research focuses on topics of gender and manhood, ethnography of state, social movements, public art, memory, and violence. She is currently exploring the gendered practices and dimensions of local and international energy sector projects.

She co-founded (lead 2013-2015) the University Program for Gender Studies and Research at the Faculty of Philosophy, UP. She has lead and participated in a number of national and international research, teaching, and publishing projects (Changing the Story, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities research Council; Memory Mapping Kosovo with ZFD and Alter Habitus; ANTICORRP/FP7 EU; Gender and Sexuality Summer School with CEL; Heart TEMPUS project, etc.). In Spring 2013 she was visiting research scholar and Fellow at the Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth.

She is a recipient of numerous research grants and fellowships.