Online PhD defence by Aleksandra Piletić

International Institute of Social Studies
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Thursday, 17 Sep 2020, 17:00

End date

Thursday, 17 Sep 2020, 19:00

This defence will take place online
International Institute of Social Studies
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Due to the coronavirus, the defence will take place online. You can follow the proceedings via ISS Livestream.

On 17 September 2020, Aleksandra Piletić will defend her PhD thesis entitled 'Varieties of Urban Capitalism: A Multiscalar Analysis of Neoliberal Restructuring in and Through New York City, Johannesburg and Stockholm'.

The overarching dilemma of this dissertation is one that permeates most discussions on capitalist diversity: is it possible to account for both contextual specificity and the interrelation and interconnectedness of different capitalist contexts? And if so, how?

Neoliberal restructuring has shown a particularly high degree of complexity, and its systemic and contingent institutional features have been difficult to discern. This is especially evident in cities, which have emerged as key anchors for neoliberalism both within their respective national contexts and in a broader global context. This research project therefore seeks to develop an understanding of these systemic and contingent impulsions within neoliberalism, as well as to ascertain how cities figure in this regard.

She focuses on three cities - New York, Johannesburg and Stockholm. These have been selected because they exhibit considerable divergences amongst each other and are embedded within very different capitalist economies on the national scale (with correspondingly divergent forms of insertion into the global economy).

Even though all three cases display different institutional features, I show that all of them have experienced institutional patterning through the rise of the financial monetary regime and its complementary relation with internationalization of competition, that is, through the institutionalization of finance into the urban structure.

Doctoral board


Professor Inge Hutter

Doctoral dissertation supervisor

Professor Wil Hout


Dr Karim Kniou

Members of the Full Doctoral Committee

Professor Robert Boyer, L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales

Professor Jamie Peck, University of British Colombia

Professor Magnus Ryner, King’s College London

Dr Alke Jenss, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute

Dr Jess Bier, Erasmus University