Regionalization and Uneven Geographical Development: towards Regional Development Plans in Northeastern Thailand

International Institute of Social Studies
Start date

Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019, 16:15

End date

Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019, 17:30

Room 3.14
International Institute of Social Studies
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Dr Ome Chattranond

In this seminar, Ome Chattranond will explore the relationship between regional economic development plans and policies at the sub-national level and the international level.

The research employs qualitative documentary research to understand the essence and meaning of development approaches in Thailand particularly in the Northeast and the regional framework, especially on issues related to inequality.

The analysis is based on international political economic approach focusing on concepts relating to uneven geographical development. It mainly argues that the regionalization formulate the transnational capitalist expansion that potentially enlarges inequality in this particular region.


About the speaker

Ome Chattranond is a lecturer in International Relations at College of Politics and Governance, Mahasarakham University in Mahasarakham, Thailand.

His academic interests include regional integration, transboundary water governance, and international development in Southeast Asia, focusing on Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

In 2018, he obtained a doctoral degree in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies 

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