The ISS Library offers various facilities and services for visitors with a functional impairment. In addition, we invite you to make your wishes known, so that we can support you in the best possible way. This can be done at the Library's information desk or via the general online form.

Access to the ISS Library 

The ISS Library is on floor -1 of the ISS building. It can be reached through the stairs or the elevator. The entrance of the Library is directly opposite the elevator. Please note, the elevator has two exits on floor -1. If you enter the elevator on floor 0, take the opposite exit on floor -1. The entire ISS Library is wheelchair accessible except for the study area behind the information desk, however the ISS building entrance is not. Please contact us if you plan to visit our Library with a wheelchair or other mobility aid. 

Floor plan Library 

Find our floor plan at the bottom of this page. The Library is divided into three areas: In the main area at the entry you will find the information desk, self-check out desk, PCs, lounge area, newspaper and magazine area, book shelves, and study areas. Further to the right you will find a small corridor with scan- and print facilities, the Library classroom, journal shelves, and a study area. Left of the main area you will find book shelves and a silent study area. 

See-through sheets and reading strips

We have a collection of coloured see-through sheets and reading strips. For people with certain visual impairments, laying the sheets or strips over text minimises glare and makes it easier to read. They can also improve text readability when you have dyslexia and they can support a ‘chunk’ reading strategy (often advised to people with ADHD). You can borrow the sheets or strips at the information desk.

Collect and return books 

The height of the self-checkout and return machines is suitable for wheelchair users, but the pick-up book carousel and return machine touch-screen may be difficult to reach for wheelchair users. If you come during opening hours of the information desk, a library employee can help you get your requested books. It is also possible to ask by phone (+31 (0)70 - 426 04 56) or via the general online form whether the books can be placed lower.

Accessibility book- and journal shelves 

Books on the bottom shelves are placed with their covers faced upright for easier browsing. Do you have problems handling and consulting books or journals from the shelves? Ask for assistance at the information desk or send us your request through the general online form. You can also request books from our shelves in advance via sEURch

Copy facilities 

If you are unable to copy materials yourself, it is possible to have required material copied for you. Ask at the information desk or send us your request through the online form. If you use the form, state whether you will collect the copies at the information desk or whether the Library will send them to you in digital form. You will pay the normal self-service copying fees.


There are no toilets inside the ISS Library. The nearest toilets are outside of the Library entrance, next to the lockers.

Studying with a functional impairment at EUR 

The Erasmus University helps students with a functional impairment. For more information, see the website Studying with a functional impairment

Floor plan ISS Library 

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