Rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations on Access to and Use of ISS Library Services

Rules and regulations for the use of the Library of the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam (hereafter referred to as the Library).

ISS Library Rules and Regulations

Without prejudice to the application of other relevant legal regulations or regulations established internally by Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), such as the EUR Integrity Code and the regulations included in the student bylaws, the following rules shall apply to the use of the ISS Library, effective 2015.

Chapter I: General conditions
Chapter II: Library premises
Chapter III: Borrowing
Chapter IV: Digital information facilities
Chapter V: Enforcement of rules

Chapter I: General conditions

1. These rules and regulations apply to the use of the Library area, including the open book and journal stacks, the catalogues and electronic databases, PCs and other equipment, the circulation services and spaces forming part of the Library.

2. The Library is open to all who want to use the services of the Library, in compliance with these rules and regulations.

3. Visitors must provide proof of identity when requested to do so by the Library staff.

4. Visitors may leave outdoor clothing and bags (both large and small) in the designated lockers before entering the Library. ISS is not liable for loss of or damage to these items. Lockers may be used for one day only. At the end of each day Library staff will empty the lockers.

5. Only small snacks and drinks in topped bottles, cans or mugs may be brought into the Library.

6. Visitors are expected to respect the peace and quiet within the Library. Absolute silence should be maintained in the designated quiet zone to enable people to study without being disturbed. Normal conversations may be carried on in the lounge area.

7. Smoking is prohibited in the Library.

8. Mobile phones may be brought into the Library if in silent mode. Phone calls should be made outside of the Library.

9. Prior permission must be obtained from the Library Desk for taking professional photos or shooting films in the Library.

10. The books, journals and other information carriers, collectively referred to in these rules and regulations as publications, must not be changed or amended in any way.

11. Visitors to the Library and those who use the circulation services or other services of the Library are liable for any damage they cause to the collection, the building, any equipment, or the Library furnishings.

12. The Library aligns its procedures with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Data Act.

13. Anyone who feels that these rules and regulations have not been correctly applied in their case may submit a complaint (in writing or otherwise) to the Head Education Support Library. An appeal against a decision by the Head Education Support Library can be made in writing by using the web form: Virtual desk.

Chapter II: Library premises

14. The Library is open to those who want to consult publications in the Library, use the Library facilities or study there.

15. It is not possible to reserve study places in the Library. When leaving the Library it is not allowed to reserve a space by leaving publications or personal belongings behind. Publications and/or personal belongings may be removed if left unattended longer than one hour at a study place.

Chapter III: Circulation services

16. Anyone with a library card may borrow publications under the provisions of article 32 of these rules and regulations with the exception of publications that the Librarian has designated as for reference use only.

17. A library card is issued free of charge to ISS staff.

18. A library card is issued free of charge to those registered at ISS as a student, auditor, external student, course participant or exchange student and who have access to ISS facilities and collections.

19. A library card is issued free of charge to ISS guests, and staff and students of Dutch universities affiliated with VSNU on presentation of proof of identity and recent proof of their address. Students also have to show a valid student card.

20. A library card will be issued to others on payment of an amount that is reviewed annually (see price list). This includes ISS alumni who are resident in the Netherlands.

21. The library card is issued exclusively for the personal use of the cardholder. It is not permitted to use the library card on behalf of others.

22. Persons not connected with ISS may be issued a library card under certain conditions. Legal or contractual conditions and restrictions regarding the access to information for persons who neither work nor study at ISS may exclude these persons from using parts of the collection.

23. Day-visitors are entitled to consult all library materials, including online resources, providing this is not in conflict with other articles of these rules and regulations. To use any of the public PCs registration at the Library information desk is required.

24. A borrower must show their card each time they borrow. If the borrower is represented by someone authorized to use their card, this person must show the appropriate card.

25. If the library card is lost or stolen, the person to whom the card has been issued remains responsible until the loss has been reported via Virtual Desk or in person at the Library information desk.

26. Members must notify the Library of any change of physical or e-mail address (see also article 31). Recent proof of address must be produced.

27. Publications have to be collected from the open shelves by the borrower. Documents have to be requested via the catalogue or in person at the Library information desk. They have to be collected at the Library information desk.

28. Publications requested by borrowers will be held at the Library information desk for a period of one week.

29. The loan period is 28 days, except for publications for which the Librarian has set a different loan period. Only in cases where the book has been reserved by another user will the borrower be requested to return the item.

30. If a book has not been reserved by another user, the loan period can be extended by the borrower, either online via the catalogue (sEURch) at the Virtual Desk or in person at the Library information desk.

31. Borrowers must have a valid e-mail address for receiving overdue notices and for other announcements from the Library. ISS students and staff must use the e-mail addresses issued to them by the EUR. The library card will be blocked if overdue notices and announcements are undeliverable.

32. Borrowers must return borrowed publications to the Library information desk before expiration of the due dates. When borrowed items are not returned or renewed in time, fines are levied. When the items are not returned and/or fines are not paid, the user’s loan account will be blocked.

33. If the Library repeatedly has to refer cases of non-returned publications by the same reader to the debt recovery agency, the Librarian may permanently bar that user from borrowing.

34. The borrower is liable for damage to or loss of the publications they have borrowed from the moment that they are handed over to the borrower or a representative, regardless of how and whether they have caused the damage or loss. Borrowed items are considered to be lost when they are not returned on time after the Librarian has requested their return.

35. Users wishing to borrow a publication that is already on loan can reserve this publication through the online catalogue (sEURch), via the Virtual desk, or at the Library information desk. The publication can be borrowed as soon as it has been returned to the Library and processed. Library staff will notify the user when the publication is available. It will be reserved for one week after the date stated on the notification.

36. The maximum number of loans per borrower are 50 for ISS students and staff, ISS retired staff, and ISS guests with a hospitality agreement. Private individuals with a Library card can borrow can borrow 10 books from the University Library, 10 books from the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet and 10 books from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS). With a Library plus card private individuals can borrow 15 books at each library.

 37. The Librarian can negotiate the loan of publications from other libraries (ILL) for a fee. These fee is waivered for staff, including PhD candidates. Borrowing these publications is subject to the same provisions of these rules and regulations unless the other library has different regulations.

38. Users leaving the Institute for more than 21 days are requested to either return all borrowed items before departure, or contact the Library to make alternative arrangements to guarantee access to the materials in case of a recall.

39. All Library materials must be returned to the Library before a diploma or certificate will be issued.

40. Payments should be made by debit card or credit card.

Chapter IV: Digital Information Services

41. The Use Policy for Computer and Network Facilities of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) applies to the use both inside and outside the Library building, for each contact or consultation of the digital information facilities made available by the Library:

42. The software on the PCs in the Library is for the exclusive use of the students and staff of ISS. It is not allowed to use any software on the PCs which has not been provided by the EUR.

43. Bringing laptops or other equipment and/or other goods that do not belong to the Library into the Library is at the risk of the library user and/or owner of the goods. The Library does not accept any liability. Using wall sockets in the library for such equipment is only allowed in places where this does not lead to dangerous situations of any kind at all. All liability for damage to persons or goods caused by the equipment as mentioned above and/or by the use of such in the Library lies with the owner and/or user of these goods.

44. Users other than ISS staff or students may use only those digital information services within the Library that are offered by the Library on a digital information services licensing basis (‘walk-in use’). These users should apply at the Library information desk for a so-called walk-in user account, by providing their ID details (see also article 23).

Chapter V: Enforcement of Rules

45. The Library staff is authorized to call to account anyone who does not comply with these Rules and Regulations or who otherwise misbehaves.

46. The Librarian is authorized to take measures against anyone who violates the rules. Sanctions, including the levying of fines, the assessment of charges for the replacement of Library materials, and/or the temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges apply to all Library users who fail to adhere to these Rules and Regulations.    

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