Off-campus access

EUR staff and students also have off-campus access to e-journals, e-books, online articles and files for which the library has acquired a license:

Via the library website

When searching for scholarly information from home via sEURch, Databases A-Z or Guides by discipline, you only have to log in with your ERNA-account when prompted. No special settings or software are required.

Via Google Scholar 

Are you searching for scholarly information in Google Scholar? You may hit upon a link that is not enabled off campus. You may receive a warning that your IP address is unknown, a vendor’s login screen may appear, or payment is required.

Often, you can enable off-campus access by setting up Library Links in your Google Scholar settings. You will immediately see if you have access through the FULL TEXT @ EUR link behind a publication.

Any other way

Are you searching for scholarly information in another way? For example in Google, or other search engine, or via a direct link and you have no access to a publication? You can often solve this by installing the Library Access browser extension. This is a one-time installation.

Set up Library links in your Google Scholar settings to check if EUR Library has access to e-journals, e-books or online articles found with Google Scholar.

  • Go to Google Scholar;
  • Click the menu button at the top left of the screen (three horizontal lines).
    If Scholar displays in Dutch, click the link Google Scholar in English (under the search box);
  • Click Settings (or, if working on a small screen, the gear wheel icon), then Library links;
  • Type "Erasmus University Library" into the search box and click the search icon;
  • Check the box at “Erasmus University Library - FULL-TEXT @ EUR”
  • Click Save.

Your search result in Google Scholar will display a FULL TEXT @ EUR link for those publications available from the EUR Library. Click the FULL TEXT @ EUR link, log in with your ERNA-account when prompted and access the publication.

The video Get the most out of Google Scholar (2:25 min) shows you how to configure your Google Scholar settings to show FULL TEXT @ EUR links.

(available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera)

By adding this extension in to your browser, the process of accessing publications for which the library has acquired a license will be simplified.

The Library Access browser extension is easy to download from:

  • Download and install the extension;
  • The extension appears as a small grey button at the top right corner;
  • Select “Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)”
  • Uncheck “Skip the popup and automate my access”
  • Click Save.

Search for scholarly information on the internet. Click on a publication. If you have access to the publication, the pop-up appears and the small grey button turns green. Click the "Library Access" button in the pop-up and log in with your ERNA-account when prompted.

The video Library Access - Access to research anytime, anywhere (1:31 min) explains how the Library Access browser works.

Off-campus access - extra information (PDF document with search examples, known issues and more information on WRDS access and EZproxy).

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