Contemporary agrarian, rural and rural–urban movements and alliances

New article by Professor Jun Borras
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In this article in the Journal of Agrarian Change, Professor Jun Borras adresses agrarian/rural and rural/urban movements and alliances; intra-agrarian class dynamics; scales; and rural working classes, political parties and socialism. 

The article is a response to a special issue of the journal which took as its point of departure Henry Bernstein's critique of the research agenda of the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI). Bernstein argued that ERPI does not specify which classes are supposed to comprise the proposed emancipatory rural politics.

In his article, Borras argues that, despite accepting the importance of movements of the working class that straddle the rural–urban corridor, the key challenge agrarian, rural and rural–urban anti-capitalist movements and alliances within and between these spheres.

This calls for more—not less—attention to agrarian movements seen from the inseparable domains of the agrarian, rural and rural–urban continuum in terms of academic research and political action.

Read the full article online - 'Contemporary agrarian, rural and rural–urban movements and alliances', Journal of Agrarian Change, May 2023


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