Farhad Mukhtarov authors award-winning publication

Dr Farhad Mukhtarov

The Association of American Publishers has awarded the UNEP's Global Environment Outlook-6 its prestigious Prose Award for Environmental Science.

These annual awards honour the best scholarly works published in 2019.

Farhad Mukhtarov, Assistant Professor Governance and Public Policy at the International Institute of Social Studies, was one of the lead authors on the chapter on freshwater policies and how they succeed and/or fail. The authors reviewed literature on water governance and summarized it in 5 types of water governance approaches as policy mixes:

  1. Command and control; enabling actors; supporting investments (American Great Lakes as a case study)
  2. Enabling actors; command and control (Adaptive Management in Glen Canyon Dam in the USA)
  3. Command and control; economic incentives; supporting investments (South Africa Free Basic Water Policy)
  4. Promotion of innovation; enabling actors; convincing consumers, employers and stockholders(Australian mining sector)
  5. Economic incentives; command and control (Disaster Risk Reduction Flood Risk Management, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – ‘Making Space for Water’ and Flood Risk Management Policy)

They discussed each case study across 12 criteria of how a policy may be seen as a success or a failure. 

Read the chapter online - Chapter 16, Freshwater Policy

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