A Human Security Perspective on Migration in Europe

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How can a migration management system with a human security approach lead to a solution that addresses both European citizen’s and migrants’ needs?

Many European citizens and many migrants into Europe live under fear and anxiety. The existing political structures further divide and perpetuate both these experiences.

Migrants seeking political, social, and economic protection in the EU has been met with an approach by the EU to develop a migration management system using a human rights perspective within a security logic.

Professor Ali Bilgiç, Professor Des Gasper and Dr Cathy Wilcock present ideas using a human security analysis in combination with a human rights perspective in relation to migration.

See their findings in the infographic below:

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Prince Claus Chairholder

Professor Ali Bilgiç was Prince Claus Chair (PCC) Holder 2017-2019. With Dutch Research Council (NWO-WOTRO) funding, Professor Bilgiç worked with ISS postdoctoral fellow Dr Cathy Wilcock and Professor Des Gasper to conduct research into migratin and human security to understand how people work within, around, and against policy regimes that are hostile to migrants, and how security can be reimagined to benefit European citizens as well as migrants.


Ali Bilgic

Reader in International Relations and Security

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Professor Des Gasper


Cathy Wilcock

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About the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity

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