Plantationocene and contemporary agrarian struggles

New article by Jun Borras and Jennifer Franco
Journal of Peasant Studies - painting

In this article published in the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Jun Borras and Jennifer Franco argue that agrarian struggles would become more relevant if they were better embedded within broader anticapitalist struggles

This article, 'Plantationocene and contemporary agrarian struggles', is a response to a 2021 article by Wendy Wolford. The authors argue that her article on the Plantationecene compels us to reexamine the state of agrarian struggles today in relation to struggles within and against capitalism.

They suggest that although contemporary agrarian movements are relatively vibrant overall, their movement organizations and alliances tend to be sectoral and localized, and plantation workers remain weakly organized.

In their article they argue that agrarian struggles can become more relevant if they are better embedded within broader anticapitalist struggles; conversely, broad anticapitalist struggles are better grounded if they are linked to contemporary agrarian struggles. The Plantationocene scholarship validates this point; moreover, scholarship on the Plantationocene can be enriched by engagement with studies on agrarian struggles.

Dr Jennifer Franco

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