Public defence Mauro Conti

Dr Mauro Conti

On 16 April 2020 Mauro Conti successfully defended his PhD thesis 'Agrifinancialization and Transnational Agrarian Movements'. This is a joint doctorate with the University of Calabria in Italy. The public defence was online.


Overcoming quite some logistical and practical challenges, the public defence tooke place with all members of the committee available online:

  • Professor Jun Borras, supervisor ISS
  • Dr Annamaria Vitale, supervisor University of Calabria
  • Professor Luigi Pellizzoni, Università di Pisa
  • Professor Aurelio Angelini, Università di Enna
  • Dr Oane Visser, ISS
  • Dr Tsegaye Moreda, ISS
  • Dr Fabio Mostaccio, Università di Messina  
  • Professor Matteo Colleoni, University of Milano Bicocca