The role of agrarian movements in anti-capitalist struggles

Article by Jun Borras on La Via Campesina
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La Via Campesina

On the occassion of its thirtieth anniversary, Professor Jun Borras writes about the role of the peasant movement La Via Campesina in transforming agrarian and knowledge politics.

The international peasants' movement, La Via Campesina (LVC) has revalorized agrarian politics, transformed knowledge politics and co-constructed the field of Critical Agrarian Studies. It has shown the important role of agrarian movements in anti-capitalist struggles and the radical reimagination and construction of a positive future.

In this essay written on LVC's 30th anniversay, Borras argues that its significance is found not in the shrinking numerical size of farming populations or in agriculture’s dwindling macroeconomic contributions to national economies, in relative terms, but in the political heft of what it represents in terms of an alternative future that is so different from the current agrarian world.

Read the full article online - 'La Via Campesina - transforming agrarian and knowledge politics, and co-constructing a field: a laudatio'. The Journal of Peasant Studies, March 2023

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